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Permanent Cosmetics


Whether you want a natural look to enhance you lash lines, or go for a really dramatic look that lasts, we've got you covered! Eyeliner procedures can be done many different ways and colors.

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Permanent eyebrows can really help you improve the shape and richness of your eyebrows with full shading. Alternatively, we can also perform Microblading for natural-looking brow hairs.

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Define your lip's shape with Lip Liner. Shape and blend color for a natural, gradient look with a Liner+Blend. Or really enhance the overall shape and color of your lips with Full Lips.

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Blush, Lash Enhancing, Eyeshadow, Beauty Marks, Freckles... you get to decide what will really define you without the extra money and time applying makeup. 

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Permanent Makeup at White Lotus Holistic Spa is performed by Master's Certified technician, Nalini Patel, who has been a Permanent Cosmetics technician for over 20 years, and an Instructor for over 15 years. Nalini has extensive training year after year, and over 5,000 procedures.

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