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Vitiligo Camouflage

Scar Camouflage Procedure is completely safe and can work for vitiligo, tummy tuck, cesarean, and miscellaneous scarring or any part of the skin that is discolored.

Your technician will evaluate your skin color at the beginning of each session and choose a custom blend color to match your skin tone. The machine that gently vibrates on the dermal layers of the skin depositing a mineral-based pigment into the skin and blending it until the scar(s) is completely camouflaged and the skin tone matches. This usually takes a series of sessions.

After Procedure:

Some swelling and/or redness is common. This gradually fades and minor swelling disappears after several days depending largely on what area of the body, how heavy we apply the pigment as well as the overall health of your skin.

Right after your procedure, the color will appear stronger compared with how it is intended to look. After a few days, the skin will slightly exfoliate and the color will fade to its intended look. It is important that you keep the procedure area clean and moisturized by only using  after-care products – which we provide to you at no additional cost. Avoid all makeup on the area of skin that was treated for 7 days after each session.

How many sessions do I need?

A minimum of 4 one-hour sessions is needed. Each session is scheduled about 4 weeks apart. Before scheduling new clients, we do require a consultation (or photos if you are not available to come in person) in order to estimate the number of sessions you will need.


Is this going to hurt?

While pain is minimal, the level of discomfort varies from person to person depending on what area of the body is being camouflaged.

A strong topical numbing cream is used.


What happens if I get a tan?

When your skin tans, the mineral-based pigment applied to the skin will not change color or tan with the surrounding skin.

We advise our scar camouflage clients to maintain a constant skin color throughout the year so it will maintain the best color match for as long as possible. However, some clients will schedule a maintenance appointment around the time that they get a tan in early summer so that we can match their color to that tanned skin color. As the tan lightens up a bit during the winter, color will gradually fade a little so that it will also lighten up.

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